About Me

Hi, I’m Paul and have gained many skills and reputation over the years. Starting out as ICT Support with South East Derbyshire College in 1995. In spare time and through work I have continued to pursue my creativity, using it in many ways though local church and voluntary works.

I have experience and profile of working on creating press releases, newsletter, leaflets, posters video, content and campaigns through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other media platforms, as well as print, from design to print.

I currently do the digital communications for church and others, I have over 6 facebook and twitter accounts for various groups,

I have a basic use of Adobe and other graphics packages and have attended workshops to gain skills and up-to-date knowledge. I have used Analytics software (google and bespoke) as well as SEO to create target audience, clicks and other reports

Arts in The Community

I am a member of the Arts Erewash, acting as Vice Chair of the steering group. I have a goal to create a place in Ilkeston where the arts can be showcased, as Ilkeston has a number of groups such as theatre, dance, drama, music and others. Yet is a great loss with a lack of venues and opportunities. It is needed for a place for talent to be showcased. Ilkeston is creating a number of opportunities and arts buildings but has so far not met the need.

I am also a member of Ilkeston Methodist Church and the IMC Together Group. We are 2 buildings at the moment but our plan is to come together as one site, along with a new building that will not only be for church but also for the community and Arts. Bringing the Arts and community together. This will benefit Ilkeston a lot and glad I’m part of it.

Ilkeston Hub


My enjoyment and critical interest in the media (television, film, music and new media) has increased throughout my experience through various voluntary roles and workshops.

I have also tried my hands at filming, writing scripts and webmaster of a talent site.

Projects includ promoting young talent, exploring behind the scenes, camera work at panto. Recently designing a creative workshop with young people where we created a small news item.

IT and Admin

As IT Technician at College and through Church I have extensive experience of working on spreadsheets, capturing data and completing worksheets precisely with continuous accuracy. I have successfully managed Database and Excel for stock control, inventory and membership management.  Whilst working on a youth and community project, I was responsible for generating quarterly and annual reports using Excel and PowerPoint and also created presentations for meetings, workshop and church service.


I have a keen interest in Arts, though mainly around Creative media, I do enjoy theatre, drama and acting, Ive even helped promote actors though various channels.

Through church I am part of the media team and have over 10 years experiance doing newsletters, posters, leaflets and the church Logo.  I have also created a number of presentations, website and video intros for a variety of events and meetings

I have an interest in photography and like to take shots when on walks and mostly anywhere

I am currently looking for Paid Work

With a diverse range of communication, creative and IT skills I am looking to work in an environment where I can be utilised and where I can contribute successfully.  Right now I am looking for a chance to create a career that I can be proud of and consequently would like to join a company such as yours that can offer me an exceptional range of diverse career options.

  • Social media and Digital Media
  • Desktop Publishing (Newsletters, posters and presentations)
  • Wordprocessing and spreadsheets
  • Calm and Works well under pressure
  • Internet research
  • Communication skills
  • Data management
  • Organisational Skills
  • Prioritisation
  • Excellent media contacts
  • Kind
  • Friendly
  • Committed and reliable
  • MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access
  • WordPress
  • Cyberlink Powerdirector
  • Affinity (Serif) Photo
  • Serif Page plus
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop and Indesign
  • Windows
  • Hootsuit, Ical
  • Google SEO