Digital Communications

Creating engaging content for Target audiance through vide, presentations, newsletters, posters and more.

I am part of the media team


Social Media Marketing
  • Created marketing campaigns and events. Promoting events, groups and posts on Facebook and Twitter using paid advertisements to increase views using audience targets, interests, demographics and analytic reports. An increasing average of 30 to 200 hits and boosting IMC Follows.
  • Managed, created and scheduled multiple contents for 6 social media accounts through Hootsuite, Facebook.
  • Develop and manage online marketing for youth café and church. Effectively driving brand awareness, engagement, SEO and traffic to social media pages, website and online communities.
  • Assisted in the monitoring and reporting on website traffic and performance.

Managing Communications outputs

To support the delivery of the Ilkeston Methodist Church’s communications and marketing activity via digital channels including web, social media and paper. To produce a feature that would cover Christmas leading from 1st Dec to Dec 25th. Using a variety of packages, including Affinity, Serif Pageplus, Word and Canva, to create eye catching content, social media posts and printed flyers. I used the software to enable a continuous theme across all media, including display on church screens. This ensured a schedule of content that would countdown Christmas and engage with visitors.

Graphic Design
  • As part of the media team, developed, created and edited content for communications materials including, but not limited to publications (newsletters, reports, and leaflets), presentations, videos, digital displays, social media and websites.


Print and Digital Print

Managed all printing projects including Flyers, newsletters and posters; and oversaw publications inventory and archiving process. As a church we do outreach and with changing activities, I’m responsible for changing content on flyers, leaflets and newsletters, finding printing options, photocopying and other outlets. Then Create and design flyers, leaflets or other material and prepare for printing. Using third parties for mass printing I ensure document is ready and print ready for that outlet, based on their specifications.

Creative Media (Video and other)
Digital Media

Using a number of bespoke software, (Affinity, Adobe and Cyberlink), I have created a number of Video, from presentation to Intro’s for social media, Youtube. To promote activities, events, sites, service and organisation. Also to help promote any screening of claasic and current films, stars, awards or other works.

Through my own self learning and various voluntary works I have gained Skills in the video editing, filming, photography roles. Through various jobs and church I have used these skills to create a number of presentations and promotional material using, video, photography and powerpoint, for group work, discussions, open nights, events, showreel, showcase videos and church meetings.

My enjoyment and critical interest in the media (television, film, radio and new media) increased during my involvement in writing scripts, filming, publicity and web design, this has continued to grow.

I was in charge of creating a number of creative workshops for young people. Idea was to create 2 6 week workshops for the club, filmmaking and music-making sessions. I created a number of written ideas and plans, with this I phoned and emailed a number of local filmmakers, music groups and organisations to help support and deliver the workshops. Working with them through face to face meeting email and over the phone to plan the sessions, costs and ideas. With all the information I wrote a number of grant applications to raise funds, a total of £2000 was awarded.

This resulted in a 6-week session where they produced a segment for paranormal style news included learning behind the scenes stuff. They also experience music making in many ways.


Other Roles at IMC
Administration Work

Being second in charge of the Youth club and through Church I have written reports, press releases and Surveys for meetings, events and feedback for events. Through Youth Club I am responsible for keeping records and providing a quarterly report in regards to expenditure, income, membership and any grants. Using excel to record data and present information using graphs, powerpoint and written reports as well as membership management. I also create reports for the media team on Social media use.

  • Collaborated with community leaders, organisations and public agencies to promote the organisation’s programs.
  • Created, updated and communicated with clients and third parties via phone, email and in person to obtain payments, information, meetings, funding and planning activities. In doing so have generated a number of funding for the club, events and

Bookings and Events

  • Managed the church lettings, including room booking, site keys and key holders, finding opportunities, organisations and community who wish to use the building, promoting and booking rooms in the building to raise money and finance to run the building.
  • Planned and publicised events, including designing promotional materials. I have organised a number of workshops including an 8-week creative minds session for young people (Ages11-16), including filmmaking where members filmed a news report. Incl storyboards, acting and filming techniques. Others include a quiz night, film nights and games theme cafe.
  • I have successfully managed a 5-A-side football team for a local district tournament, including practise sessions, local friendly sessions with other clubs, as well as managing the team on competition

IMC Arts Together

I am also a member of Ilkeston Methodist Church and the IMC Together Group. We are 2 buildings at the moment but our plan is to come together as one site, along with a new building that will not only be for church but also for the community and Arts. Bringing the Arts and community together. This will benefit Ilkeston a lot and glad I’m part of it.