I have produced a wide variety of media for clients in work, voluntary work and home.


Portfolio of work. I love taking photos and have taken photos of different places and events. On local walks and strange, abandoned places.

Graphic Design

Portfolio of work. I have done a whole host of publicity material. Posters and leaflets for Ilkeston Methodist Church, presentations, newsletters, Panto and much more.

Digital Marketing

Portfolio of work. I have a number of Social media Accounts and websites, ranging from Facebook, Twitter and others. Most are Church, community pages and organisations

Creative Media

Portfolio of work. Throughout my Career I have done a number of works for various clients. Video intros, presentations, video editing, filming,

Ilkeston Methodist Church

Main client. Video editing, newsletters and social media.

Ilkeston Methodist Church

Erewash Museum

Voluntary work as Social Media Content Research.

Erewash Museum

Young Voices Studio

Webmaster for Talent Showcase Site

Young Voices Studio


From creative Writing, poetry and much more

Creative Minds